Helping you move


We can supply you with packing materials to help on moving day, we supply:


Double walled boxes - £1.75 for medium or £2.25 for large. These are brand new boxes not previously used so offer no risk of smell or dirt.

Wardrobe boxes - £9.95 each. These are really handing for keeping clothes hung up during the move - a must have for every move.

Parcel tape - £1.50 per roll. A strong and reliable tape to keep the packing boxes closed and secure.

Mattress covers - £4.95 each. Purchase these covers to ensure your mattress is kept in tip top condition in storage or for your move.

Bubble wrap - £9.95 per roll. A must for those extra fragile items.

Tissue paper - £9.95 per pack. Acid free and a perfect for ornaments and crockery.

All prices exclude VAT @ 20%

Call us for more information or to place an order.